Road & infrastructure

Road & infrastructure

Our company has contributed to many of the esteemed highways & city roads, bridges, tunnels, and infrastructure projects in the UAE. Our strength in the execution of our projects comes from our 40 years track record experience and our company divisions such as, asphalt, concrete, piling & shoring, and heavy equipment plant which enable us to execute the biggest and most complex of projects. Through our history, we have gained a reputation for high-quality work and timely execution of projects.
Our main services under the Roads & Infrastructure division include;

  • Road Works & Hardscape.
  • (Highways, City Roads, Interchanges, Underpasses)
  • Infrastructure & Utilities. 
  • (Surface Water Drainage, Foul Drainage, Storm Water, Water Network, Agriculture & Irrigation, Street Lighting, Natural Gas, Telecom Networks, Electrical Distribution Network, Traffic Signals)
  • Superstructure & Substructure
  • (Pump Stations, Lifting Stations, Substations)
  • Earthworks & Causeways.
  • Bridges & Tunnels.

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