Asphalt & Road Marking

Asphalt & Road Marking

Recognized as one of the best Asphalt Supplier/Subcontractor in the UAE. Al Marwan Asphalt Division is a name associated with most of the major road projects in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. Our Asphalt is renowned for its high quality. We monitor the quality of our asphalt during every stage (raw material, production, transportation, and laying). Our Asphalt division is amongst the biggest in the UAE capable of taking several large projects. Al Marwan Asphalt is the option of choice when it comes to high quality and timely execution.

Quality Assurance: 

Our Asphalt is proven to be the most durable, strong, and cost-effective. We always use the most innovative and advanced technologies in our asphalt production and laying. We only use the best equipment in the execution of any project. All our trucks, pavers, finishers, rollers, graders etc. come from the most renowned equipment brands and are always maintained at best condition. All aspects of our operations are quality controlled by our own team of technical experts backed by a fully equipped laboratory. In addition, third party testing is carried out frequently by independents testing companies to verify our own laboratory testing and mix design.

All our materials are produced by modern computer controlled plants to ensure optimum output together with specification compliance. Our plants are configured such that we are able to provide a wide range of material at any given quantity per day. Laying operations are conducted by out in-house trained laying crew that uses some of the most sophisticated equipment in the UAE. Our operators all received extensive training and are capable of executing projects timely and efficiently.

Environmental Policy:

Our number one objective is to produce the best quality material with no negative impact on the Environment. Our mixing plant is state of the art computer controlled and fitted with very effective bay filters to ensure a dust free and energy efficient operation. The mixing depot is paved to avoid airborne dust from vehicle movements, and all excessive filter material is treated with water prior to disposal into landfill where it is used as a capping material. All potential dust nuisances are hosed or clad to prevent emissions to the atmosphere

Our service includes;
  • Asphalt production, supply and laying
  • Road Marking

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