IMS - Environmental Policy

Al Marwan General contracting co. LLC aims to be a leader in environmental management and will strive to continually improve and develop its expertise in protecting the environment in which it operates.
We will not compromise on our dedication to continually improve our performance and efforts towards the protection of the local and global environment.
To Fulfill our commitment MGCC will:
  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, contractual and other identified environmental requirements.
  • Operate and maintain and environmental management system compliant ISO 14001.
  • Encourage recycling wherever possible.
  • Target and achieve improvement in resource efficiency, particularly in the use of energy, water and materials.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Take necessary steps to prevent pollution and reduce adverse effects resulting from MGCC operations.
  • Actively engage other interested parties and stakeholders to address any issues or concerns related to the environment.
  • Deliver training and education programmes to ensure awareness of individual and collective responsibilities.
MGCC aims to deliver these commitments by:
  • Actively promoting and encouraging environmental sustainability within the organization.
  • Setting clear and achievable environmental objectives and targets.
  • Monitor and review its processes for continual improvement.
IMS - Occupational Health and Safety Policy Statement

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